👨🏻‍💻 ****Work Experience

Working in the exciting area of video creation through the development of products that get used with a browser extension or web & mobile apps.

I took on the role of a Full Stack Developer increasing the Commit community’s brain gain with meaningful contributions through projects, peer-to-peer collaboration and mentoring.

Directly reporting to the CTO, I was responsible for the direction of the software architecture and technology strategy.

Directly reporting to the CEO, I hired and managed a full software development department to produce a next generation – web & mobile first – reading and publishing platform.

Led a team of three to develop an SDK for mobile platforms from the ground up for internal product teams, with the intent of external commercialization:

Lead developer of JS libraries and components used across the company's product portfolio.

Full stack developer and JS front-end specialist for the flagship Ruby on Rails company product — ActiveTextbook

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